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      Company Profile


       ZYBODY CO., LTD is located in Dalian Tax Free Area, occupying an area of 30,000 square meters. It is specialized in BIW parts mass production as well as BIW prototype products development &manufacturing. The total investment is 380 million with the first phase investment of 180million.It is planned that 10 new model of BIW prototype R&D ability to be formed and annually 200,000 car BIW key parts stamping welding ASSY’ mass production ability to be developed in the year of 2015.

      China’s auto industry is at a rapid development and steadily rising stage. To meet the strict requirements from domestic customers and customers from European & American market, China’s independent auto brand has been disciplined themselves with international standard by introducing advanced and mature technologies and equipment continuously.

      Whereby, R&D of new model development is the key to decide newmodel market outlook and quality improvement, which at present domestic companies don’t have yet. Our company introduces advanced production equipment and management system to provide BIW R&D services for domestic auto brands. At the same time we unite Japanese partners to study sample car prototype and simultaneous engineering to provide finished automobile R&D with all round services from products design verification, processing verification, tooling verification, experimental verification, quality control, shorten development circle and cost reduction, ect.

      Steady car parts support for mass production car model is an important factor to guarantee finished car qualities. ZYBODY introduces mature company systems from foreign countries, trying to be a first grade supplier who provides high quality products, high efficiency, low cost and well communication.

      ZYBODY relies on BIW prototype, car body parts die research and design, car body ASSY jigs and C/F design & manufacturing, Parts manufacturing, sales, after sales services and training to provide all-rounds services for each independent brand.




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